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The Sir Martin Gilbert Learning Centre aims to promote awareness of and engagement with twentieth century history, focusing on the topics of Sir Martin’s scholarship: modern Jewish history, the world wars, the Holocaust, and Winston Churchill. Using Sir Martin’s skills and principles as a guide, the Centre emphasizes the voices of individuals and brings academic historical research to wide audiences in accessible ways.

The Centre was founded to perpetuate two key principles of Sir Martin’s work:

1. The desire to make history accessible, to bring it alive for audiences outside of academia;

2. The commitment to allow the voices of ordinary people to be heard—not only the leaders and politicians who shape world events but also the ordinary men and women who experienced and in many smaller ways also shaped those events.

Our work includes:

Talks, resources, and outreach activities underpinned by historical research to broad audiences.

Support for UK secondary school teachers to teach Jewish history as part of their teaching of the National Curriculum.

A Sir Martin Gilbert History Prize, supported with resources for students and teachers, to encourage engagement with history and application of research skills.

Training for emerging scholars to disseminate research in accessible ways in secondary schools and other fora.

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Schools' work

Free Jewish history resources for secondary school teachers

Past events

You can view many of our past events on our YouTube channel

These are history study groups with a difference! Professor Shirli Gilbert builds extremely professionally researched curriculums which she delivers brilliantly. The subjects are covered in-depth; both lectures and the discussions that follow provide a most stimulating experience.

Elie Chilton

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