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Incantation bowl, from Babylon, Iraq. Aramaic inscription with a human figure. 4th to 7th century CE. Pergamon Museum, Berlin, Germany. The text of the incantation bowls was written in Jewish Babylonian Aramaic.

Political leaders gather for a portrait atop the Citadel of Quebec during the second Quebec Conference in Quebec, Canada, on August 19, 1943. Clockwise, from top-left are: Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King; Prime Minister Winston Churchill; the Earl of Athlone, Governor General of Canada; and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. (AP Photo/stf)

Military cemetery from World War I and World War II in Dąbrowa Tarnawacka near Tarnawatka.

Protest against child labor in a labor parade

Hagana Ship – Jewish State at Haifa Port