Our resources for history teachers

Resource pack: Jewish migration to Britain during the Nazi period

Download our free PDF, aimed at secondary school teachers. Based on rigorous academic research and packed with thought-provoking primary sources, this pack will help you integrate the stories of Jewish migrants to Britain in the 1930s, enriching your students’ understanding of the events of the Second World War and the Holocaust.

Created in collaboration with a working group of teachers. The Sir Martin Gilbert Learning Centre is grateful for their invaluable advice and feedback.

“this is a stimulating resource that provides many discussion points for teachers and students […] there is an impressive range of different case studies available.”
Mr A, History teacher

Webinar: Teaching Jewish Histories

Offering a range of practical suggestions and pedagogy, this webinar is a great starting point for any history teaching looking to diversify their teaching of the curriculum.

Written and delivered by Professor Shirli Gilbert and Dr Bethany Gaunt.

“[The webinar] was perfectly pitched and balanced between sharing subject knowledge, practical takeaways and more in-depth questions to consider.”

The Historical Association

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