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Welcome! The Sir Martin Gilbert Learning Centre is excited to help teachers integrate Jewish history into the classroom. We are working on a portfolio of resource packs which include primary sources, academic research and thinking points for you to adapt for your students. If there is a topic you would like us to try and cover, please get in touch at info@sirmartingilbertlearningcentre.org.

What is our vision?

Integrating Jewish history into your teaching

Why does it matter?

Diversifying your curriculum and countering misperceptions

Our teaching resources

Free resources, packed with helpful information

The Sir Martin Gilbert History Prize aims to encourage students to engage in historical debate.

"What a magnificent resource you’ve put together. So many stories to be told, and also so many untold stories. [...] I’m sure my late parents would be honoured (or perhaps somewhat amused) that their experiences now form part of a learning resource!"

Robert W Fraser, son of Herbert Finkelstein

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